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Besides, how on Earth could you possibly divide up your attention and?time any further? Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and spend 10 minutes with this post. Exercise your pet routinely & adequately. Put some of your dog?s daily kibble allotment in your pocket at the start of each day. Best of all: You and your dog will be better friends. Think puppy-proofing. You?ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they?re more likely to contentedly rest at home than to challenge boundaries. We love Pat Miller?s book, ?Play with Your Dog? for more boredom-busting game ideas. A happily-tired pooch is truly a better-behaved pooch.S. They?ll be highly motivated and focused because they?re working to get things they really want. Studies show that you?re more likely to achieve goals if you put them in writing, tell others about them, and make it a group effort. Vary the people who work with your dog so they listen to whoever they?re with. It works for keeping resolutions like weight loss, so why not dog training? Notice & reward the good stuff The happy truth is that pups offer desired behaviors more than unwanted ones. (Why not trade training items from your fridge list every week?) Training fails when boredom sets in. Her well-rounded background includes many years in veterinary nursing and a B. Vary training locations so they listen to you wherever you are. Looking to stock up on more training supplies? Browse Jeffers? full selection of . You?ll see an immediate improvement in your relationship with your dog (or cat). Think of yourself as a canine slot machine. The instant your pup does any of these on their own, praise and treat! (Or click & treat if you?re . in Biology. Dog-to-dog play is a great mind and body energy outlet, for example. You put dog training on the back burner because it?s just one more thing on your overflowing, overwhelming to-do list. Frustrating, right? So, switch gears and try a new approach. By year?s end, you?ll reflect on your terrific progress. Voila! Human stress-buster & time-saver! Slip training into your routine It?s simple: Ask your pet to do a command or trick before they get things they want. So, if a great recall (?come?) is on your list, for example, call your pet to you for fun things like leash-ons, doors opened, meals, games, etc. Ruth?is also the founder of Critter Consulting?pet training services and?The Soulful Pet, where she explores and celebrates the bonds we share with pets through her writing and her work as a Pet-life Guide (PLG)?. Consider our tips. Vary your commands to keep them guessing.? She has authored articles for ?North Bay Pets Magazine? and consulted for ?Cat Fancy? magazine. Whether it?s summer activities, back-to-school prep, or hectic holidays ??life happens. Or call them to ?come? back and forth between family members while you soak up the sun. Play these games on your away-from-home outings, too ? at a park or a friend?s house.) They will eagerly repeat whatever made you happily produce pocket-goodies. For more dog training tips, check out Jeffers Pet?s blog, . That ups your ?watchability? factor. You were going to do these things anyway, so take an extra second to train and they will love it. You?ll get to it later.) Consider your list and what you?d like to see more of in the future: not jumping, quiet rather than barking, focusing on you, calmly relaxing on a bed, etc.Dog Training Time-Savers Posted April 9, 2015 in by Jeffers Staff By Ruth Hagen Hey, we know you?re busy. (Really, just do it. And that might inspire you to fit a little more in each day, right? Pick 3 training goals Write them down and go public: Post your list in a prominent place. She?ll play your game in hopes of your payoff! Set your pet up to succeed Prevention and exercise are key to success. Our short training tip list is designed to easily slip into your on-the-go lifestyle. (Isn?t that what your fridge is for?) Be realistic and specific about your dog training goals. Bonus: It?s a great summer read, loaded with ideas for rainy-day play! So, our time?s up, and we know you have to go. Out of sight, out of mind. Maybe add a few new items to that list on your fridge. Prevent?when you can?t train so you make more progress when you can train. You get the idea. Ironically, responding to ?misbehavior? usually reinforces it. Trust us: If you have kibble in your pocket (or a ), you?re more likely to notice when your pet is an angel, your reward timing will be amazing, and they will learn faster. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Reprinted with permission from Ruth Hagen. If all goes well, and you find training time you didn?t think you had in your day ? fabulous! It?s more doable than you thought. Tell housemates about the list. Instant canine connection and confidence booster! Mix it up to keep it fun Variety truly is the spice of life for people and pets. Baby gates; crates; supervised, indoor-only leash dragging; chewies & food-dispensing toys as distractions ? all help immensely. If they want to help, involve them in the list-making process, and/or share the items so that each person has only 1 or 2 goals to reach. Try incorporating game play into your routine: Why not have your dog ?sit-stay? before you release them to ?find? their meal, or maybe their before a walk? Are you gardening today? Take a break and call your dog to ?come? as you run away from them. About Ruth Hagen Ruth Hagen is a writer, pet?trainer and behaviorist who has been teaching people and their pets for over 20 years. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (), the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (), and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). Prevent today?s unwanted behaviors so they don?t become tomorrow?s hard-to-break bad habits. Human nature drives us to focus on the unpleasant

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