10 Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Dog

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How to take better photos of your dog

She wiggles, she runs around, and she?ll only hold a pose for a few seconds at a time. Laika has no idea what the Rule of Thirds is, but she?s happy to pose when there?s mud around. Stick With Natural Light Flashes are tricky, especially with dark colored dogs. Be Patient Dog?s aren?t always the easiest models, so if you don?t get the best shot today remember you can try again tomorrow. By taking way more than I need I up the chances of getting a really great one. Photos can capture the personality of their subject ? they can also make them more endearing. Add People Into Your Photos In addition to getting lots of photos of your smart feed automatic dog and cat feeder wi fi enabled pet feeder_320 alone remember to get your friends and family involved.10 Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Dog Last updated on December 27, 2018 By Puppy Leaks Taking great photos of dogs is tricky. 6. 2. Make sure to take some full body shots as well. If he?s lazy get some decent shots of him snoozing on the couch. 10. When you take photos in direct sunlight you can end up with exposure issues and a lot of shadows. Try taking your photos of your dog outside in the morning or evening, avoiding direct sunlight if possible. 8. Your dog doesn?t know why you?re trying to make him sit still for 5 minutes next to that tree ? so remember to bring along rewards and keep up the praise.? Crop, resize, contrast ? they should all be tools you can use in any basic paint or photoshop program. Grab some candid photos of Fido playing with the kids or set them down for a nice portrait. Take some shots of your dog hanging out with your husband on the couch or playing fetch. Be Prepared for a Long Editing Process Be prepared to spend a lot of time editing afterwards. Here are 10 tips to take better photos of your dog: 1. 9. You don?t have to wait for the perfect shot; you can take a ton of photos now and sort through them later. Taking good photos of your dog is part luck and part skill. Take some from above, or try getting down on the ground and take some from their level. Keep It Fun When it comes to trying to get your dog to sit still for a photo things can get frustrating, but it?s important to try to keep it as fun as possible. 7. Snap some shots while your dog is doing what they do naturally, whether that?s lounging on the couch or playing with his doggie friends. If I didn?t take 100+ photos every time I went out with Laika I?d end up with mostly blurry shots. Have fun, try making some weird noises to get some questionable looks from your pooch. After awhile you?ll start to develop an eye for it in your own shots. Try to imagine a good photograph you?ve seen of a person or animal ? does the background factor in? If you have a camera with a wide aperture setting try it out ? if you set your dogs eyes as the main focus you should end up with some great shots. Try keeping the most interesting parts of your shot at one of the intersecting points. But don?t worry, there are a few ways to help take your photos to the next level. Keep the Background Simple If you?re trying to showcase your dog you don?t want a busy background to be distracting. Focus on different parts of the dog ? get some good eye shots and some decent snout ones. The more shots you take the better your chances of getting a great photo. If you have a feisty pup get some action shots. You don?t want to end up looking at 500 photos of your dog looking in the same direction later one, so put a little variety in your shots.? You don?t need a fancy program to get great results. 5.S. Candid shots of people sleeping with their dogs are some of the sweetest images around. Does Your Dog Make a Good Model? Is your dog easy to photograph? Do you have a hard time getting your dog to sit still for photographs? What tips do you use to take better photos of your dog? Resources & Recommended Reading Please share with your friends ? Recommended Reading Military Dog Reunion Videos ? Got a Tissue? Last updated on April 8, 2015 By Puppy Leaks Military Dog Reunions ? 5 Reunion Videos Sometimes we need to watch nice things. 4. Consider Your Pet?s Character You might have that ?perfect? photo in mind that you?d like to get of your dog, but remember to keep your dog?s unique personality in mind. Abide By the Rule of Thirds Familiarize yourself with the and study some of it in practice. Most of the magic of a stunning photograph takes place while editing. Jason Bos reunited with his military dog Cila ? Marine Sgt. Here?s five military dog reunion videos of servicemen being reunited with their companions. They can also create that creepy glowing eye issue. Candid shots of your dog being himself are a great way to capture your dog?s personality. ? Sgt. If you end up with some decent photos you can turn them into something fantastic with editing. Marine Corps Jeff Deyoung reunited with his dog Cena (see ) ? Adam Morton reunited with service dog Quincy Recommended Reading. Grab one of his favorite toys and make him wait for it, the look of anticipation can be a great shot. They wiggle, they run, they chase after the neighbors cat so you end up with photos of your dogs back legs running away or a blurry mess. Don?t Wait for the Perfect Pose Since most of us use digital cameras we don?t have to worry about the cost of developing film. There?s such an amazing bond formed between our Military and their Service Dogs. 3. And don?t forget to take way more photos than you think you?ll need; I can?t tell you how many times I?ve managed to get a great shot when I wasn?t expecting it. Ross Gundlach reunited with Casey ? German Shepherd fetches ball ? returns to find his solider ? ? U. Change Your Angle If you?re taking a lot of photos at once you should experiment with different angles

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